Drunk Ex-Pastors

We start this episode of DXP by discussing the annoying traits of old guys. We share some of our vast knowledge of Taylor Swift, and then discuss radio host Phil Hendrie (and trolling in general). We hear from a caller about country music, “Pastor Jack’s Off” returns (briefly), and we share biebers involving auto insurance and victimhood.

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We kick off this episode of DXP with a revisit of one of our favorite films of all time, and then pivot to a discussion of the recent so-called TikTok ban and the issue of government censorship more broadly. We laugh at Trump’s legal woes (especially how difficult he finds it not to defame people), and then learn about a heretofore unknown Bible passage from Pastor Jack Off. Biebers involve silly adjectives and small fries.

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We kick off this episode with a discussion of the improvement made in the area of AI videos, and then discuss a book on AI that was sent to us for a possible interview with the author in the future. We address some alleged misogyny in the HBO program, The Deuce, and then revisit Jack Hibbs’s heartfelt (ahem) prayer to Congress. Biebers involve subtitles and notifications.

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