Drunk Ex-Pastors

We begin this episode of DXP with a voicemail discussing proper toilet seat etiquette. We then hear from an expert in the field of death and dismemberment about how much we should charge to cut off a pinky. We discuss (and disagree over) Ricky Gervais’s thoughts about science versus religion, and then hear from a listener about whether marriage strengthens romantic commitments. Biebers involve Spotify and traffic signals.

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We begin this episode with the realization that Eminem just turned 50, which leads us into a discussion about musical trends over the last several decades. We imagine how someone from the 1950s would react to being shown an iPad, and then discuss a flyer we recently received urging us to prepare for the return of Christ. We briefly touch upon vaccine hysteria, and then share biebers involving Amazon deliveries and people on TV talking to others who don’t understand them.

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In this episode of DXP we revisit our Kanye/Bieber distinction (as well as touch upon the current beef between these two morons). We discuss the docu-series “Welcome to Wrexham,” and then wonder aloud whether it would matter that much if the Earth had no helium left for birthday balloons. We contemplate how much our pinkies are worth, and then wish the #MeToo movement a happy 5th birthday.

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We begin this episode by shouting out a couple DXP listeners who made their way to the Well & Table this past week, and then banter a bit about nothing in particular. We discuss “Planetary Defense,” which is a recent NASA experiment in which we try to alter the trajectory of an asteroid (think the film Armageddon, only real). We talk about another experiment on the subject of “Learned Helplessness,” which explains why, when you’re down on your luck, it’s so hard to turn things around. Biebers involve icemakers expired water.

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