Drunk Ex-Pastors

In this episode of Drunk Ex-Pastors, Jason presents Christian with a gift that he needs but will never use; the discussion turns to whether or not the police force attracts people who were picked on in school and therefore need to take out their frustrations on the powerless and weak; we discuss the recent controversy surrounding the lawsuit against our former church, Calvary Chapel, by two of its now-deceased founding pastor’s children; we answer a Twitter follower’s question about whether Jesus and Paul thought hell was a real place of eternal torment; and lastly, Jason exhibits his laser-sharp understanding of how to win at football (besides just shooting lots of homeruns, which is obvious).

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In this episode of Drunk Ex-Pastors, Christian gives Jason a very special gift (hint: it’s small, sings like a little Canadian boy, and you put it in your mouth); we take feedback from a female listener who is frustrated by her former time in the church when all her “sisters in Christ” thought she wanted to steal their husbands; we delve into the issue of language and labels, focusing on whether and when it’s OK to use “the N-word” as well as whether jokingly labeling stuff “gay” or “retarded” is a retarded, gay thing to do; Jason bitches about his culinary needs never being met, while we hoist a poignant shot which Christian saved for the very end of the show.

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In our seventh episode of Drunk Ex-Pastors, Jason explains why he doesn’t like movies containing red-headed twin children or the Holocaust; Christian reveals some sobering facts about ISIS and their plot to take over America (or just kill us all, we’re not sure at this point); we take some listener feedback asking about Mark Driscoll’s penis and who it really belongs to; and lastly, Christian complains about the insensitivity of certain drivers’ parking habits, while Jason laments all progress in general.

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In this edition of the podcast, Jason and Christian discuss Jason’s lack of proper decorum at the poker table, and then spend the remainder fielding a listener question about the infamous celebrity selfie leak.

This topic leads pretty naturally into a discussion of rape culture, during which Christian accuses Jason of contributing to it, thereby displaying his lack of philosophical nuance and sophistication. 

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In this episode of Drunk Ex-Pastors, Jason and Christian keep their promise to do a shot in honor of all those who shared their podcast on social media this past week, and go on to extol the many benefits of alcohol, and how the moderate enjoyment of various libations can help (in the immortal words of Pink) “get this party started.” They also take some listener feedback and discuss issues like gun control, ISIS, and why Jason hates animals. God, he really is just a horrible, horrible person…

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In this edition of Drunk Ex-Pastors (which is perhaps the most  entertaining and least  substantive one yet), Christian and Jason kick things off with a shot of 100 proof Southern Comfort, and then ramble semi-coherently about everything from the volume of Christian’s vomiting to whether one of them could kill the other without getting caught, and from the silliness of “paying it forward” to whether girls who look like their fathers are hotter than those who resemble their moms. And for the first time they take listener feedback and address one of their detractors. Also, they drink way more than usual.

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