Drunk Ex-Pastors

We begin this episode with a voicemail from a caller whose taste in movies is shallow enough to become bored the minute the explosions stop, and we then discuss whether parents should bring their small children on planes or just leave them in the car for the rest of our sake. We discuss all the rape in Game of Thrones, and then we turn our attention to what draws otherwise normal people to evangelicalism. We revisit the Dave Chappelle “controversy,” and biebers involve verification codes and getting tricked on Instagram.

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This episode of DXP begins with a caller telling us about his newfound love of Screwball. Christian gets mocked for his spoiler-alert fail, and then we are asked a question about grammar. We share which three calendar years have been most significant in our lives, and why, and then spent some time discussing Dave Chappelle’s recent special, “The Closer,” addressing the claims that he is transphobic. Biebers involve reacting to texts and obliviots in restaurants.

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We kick off this episode of Drunk Ex-Pastors with a couple voicemails, one from a dude who’s high as shit, and the other from a woman about boobs. We hear from some people on Wacky Christian Twitter, and then revisit (one final time) the issue of anti-depressants, trying desperately to make ourselves clear (but apparently those anti-depressants are useless for helping people with their comprehension skills). We speak briefly about death, and then share biebers involving annoying tech questions and digital fire.

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In this episode of DXP we hear from a caller who raises the question of whether too much knowledge is actually a bad thing, and if taking the “blue pill” of ignorance is truly bliss. Another caller asks about what it means for our bodies to be the temple of the Holy Spirit, and then we explore the idea that correcting people’s grammar is nothing more than douchebag colonialism. We play a clip from philosopher Alan Watts about what happens when we die, and then share biebers involving virtual keyboards and Post-It Note etiquette.

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