Drunk Ex-Pastors

In this episode of DXP we begin by discussing Bieber and Lambos, after which we ponder whether there really is such a thing as the “science” of nutrition (mainly because we’re mad that we’re not thinner than we are). Jason shares some fresh frustration at his workplace and the people who frequent the place, which leads to a conversation about the difference between making judgments and judgmentalism (as in, does the cover actually reveal a lot about the book itself?). Biebers involve zippers and lotion.

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Episode #271 of Drunk Ex-Pastors begins with a voicemail from a very inebriated caller pledging to pull his support from another popular podcast and giving it to us. We then address another listener’s comments about the charismatic movement and explore the nature of our own early faith, after which we spend some time reflecting on Bill Maher’s recent controversial statements in favor of fat-shaming. Biebers involve pushing buttons and careless maids.

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We begin DXP #270 by celebrating our improved sound quality, after which Christian talks about his new diet. A voicemail launches a discussion about comedy and conservatism, and then we pivot to the issues of climate science and postmodernism. “Dick Move, God” makes its return, after which we debate whether children have the right to online privacy. After a few remarks about gun control we share our biebers, which involve pee and human resource departments.

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In this episode of DXP we hear about an exciting new job opportunity for Christian, and then discuss a recent meme we shared but then deleted due to it being “controversial” (this leads into a discussion of controversial comedy in general). We answer a caller’s question about Jason’s late-night intimacy, and then discuss a mystery whose secrets we guess we’ll never know. We address another caller’s questions about psychedelics (which leads to a discussion about demons), after which we share our biebers.

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In this episode of DXP Jason gives a brief update on his potential future as a restauranteur, and Christian shares some stories from his recent boating adventure (most of which center around the age-old question of how you’re supposed to poop in such cramped quarters). We debate whether lying about stuff makes it true, and then discuss the HBO show Euphoria. We take a call about Gen-Xers vs. Millennials, and then discuss the topic of death. Biebers involve PC culture and service charges.

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