Drunk Ex-Pastors

We begin this week’s show by revisiting our discussion about Top Gun: Maverick (and hopefully clarify some things about Kelly McGillis), after which we hear from a listener about gun laws and HIPPA policies. We make a few remarks about Daylight/Standard Time, and then wonder aloud what we want to be when we grow up. Biebers involve printer ink and standing in the rain.  

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We begin episode #401 by wondering whether Jeff Probst has played a more significant role in our lives than we previously realized. We hear from a caller who accidentally makes incest not sound so bad, and then wonder who the Dems may run if Biden wanders off and is never heard from again. We discuss Daylight Savings Time, and then address the horrific injustice of Kelly McGillis not being cast in the new Top Gun movie. Biebers involve obliviots and Harry Potter.

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We start this episode of DXP by agreeing to keep doing this because all the freaking out about this possibly being our final show. We hear from a caller about how cell phones are the death of both comedy and drama, and we then puzzle over the size of the universe. We consider joining an outreach team that frequents strip clubs, and then hear from another listener about the abortion issue. Biebers involve showers and filthy wizards.

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In this episode of Drunk Ex-Pastors we discuss the new Top Gun film, after which we turn our attention to what by now is like 10 mass shootings ago. We wrestle with the issue of survivor’s guilt, and then try to explain the Internet to an hypothetical person from the ‘80s. We hear an argument for why we’re living in a computerized simulation, and then address a common pro-choice argument. Biebers involve eyewear and streaming services.

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