Drunk Ex-Pastors
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In this episode of Drunk Ex-Pastors we banter a bit about some new TV shows, and then relay an unfortunate incident involving a cigar. We then dig into the issue of Qanon: what is it, why do its adherents think what they think, etc. After the break we discuss a recent article by David Brooks on the nuclear family and whether it was a bad idea after all. Biebers involve politicians’ tweets and paper towel dispensers.

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In this episode of Drunk Ex-Pastors we had the pleasure of chatting with Katherine Stewart, author of the recent book Power Worshipers: Inside the Dangerous Rise of Religious Nationalism. We discuss the rise of religious fundamentalism in this country, as well as attempt to get inside the heads of Christian Nationalists in order to see what makes them tick. We close with a debrief about the interview and with biebers involving foggy glasses and annoying patrons.

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In this episode of DXP we talk a bit about the FX series Devs, which leads us into a discussion about the future of tech and whether something is more possible if Hollywood makes a show or movie about it. We discuss the potential impact of psychedelics on society in general and atheists in particular, after which we touch upon the nature of hypocrisy and intellectual growth. Biebers involve “family” and poor online arguing skills.

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In this episode of Drunk Ex-Pastors we chat with ex-Christian punker Ojo Taylor about his experience in the ministry, his band Undercover, and his more recent spiritual deconstruction. Biebers involve elevators and media mispronunciations. Follow Ojo on his blog at ojotaylor.com and on Twitter @ojotaylor! Photo of Ojo by Rich Brimer.

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We begin our 300th episode of DXP with a suggestion  for how we might be able to reintroduce the word “retarded” to the cultural lexicon, after which we give updates on how we’re holding up under quarantine. We discuss what effect, if any, one’s religion has on whether he believes in conspiracy theories, and then touch upon the issues of consciousness, humanity, and free will. We spend the bulk of the second half of the show discussing whether progressive activists are alarmist, and then turn to our biebers involving needless repetition and how strong the tongue is.

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In this episode of DXP we reminisce a bit about our favorite music from the ‘00s, and Christian floats a theory about Stones vs. Beatles fans. We then disagree pretty strongly about the best path forward for this country (as in, is refusing to vote for Biden a self-destructive idea?). We hear a caller’s thoughts on the possible cause of Jason’s pessimism, after which we discuss Bill Maher’s recent China-shaming. Biebers involve autocorrect, Zoom meetings, and passive aggressive Facebook posts.   

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In this episode of Drunk Ex-Pastors we debrief a bit about how we’re holding up under quarantine, and do our best to climb inside the minds of those who are protesting the social distancing mandate under the guise of being some freedom fighter (as though Paul Revere and Patrick Henry had NO idea what tyranny and oppression were really like). We spend a while discussing the issue of Artificial General Intelligence, which leads to topics like the hard problem of consciousness, scientific materialism, and how hot the robots in Ex Machina were. Biebers involve basic etiquette and Q&A sessions.  

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In this episode of DXP we debrief about the joys and struggles of quarantining (hint: One of us likes it more than the other). We spend some time answering a caller’s challenge to us about why we mock conservatives from the South, the answer to which should be obvious: Because it’s fun and super easy. We discuss the issue of sexual assault on Survivor and the intricacies of the MeToo movement, after which we share our biebers involving coat hangers and ear buds.  

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In this episode of DXP we debrief once again about our respective experience of social distancing, and it turns out we love it. We spend some time discussing the refusal on the part of many (virtually all conservatives) to self-quarantine, and break down the reasons and pathology behind such dismissal of authority (and it turns out that, according to us at least, this is mostly a unique American posture). Biebers involve Amazon reviews and iPhones.

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In this episode of DXP we debrief about what it’s like to shelter in place. Turns out, binge-watching TV shows and drinking all day are pretty awesome. We do recognize, though, that this can be very isolating and difficult for many people, and so we do our best to lighten the mood and offer hope, as well as envision the ways that this protracted period of quarantining will change what we consider “normal” in the future. Biebers involve fat people and alcohol mixers.

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DXP #294 gives us all a glimpse into what is by all accounts the “new normal.” But although we are separated by a few miles, we still take a deep dive into all thing COVID-related. Topics we explore include the lengths to which we are self-quarantining, the effects this is having on our lives and relationships, whether it’s racist to refer to this as the “Chinaman Virus,” as well as whether this is really the end of life on earth as we have known it. Biebers involve autocorrect and stabbing people.

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In Episode 293, we take a moral sense test, delving into numerous variations of “The Trolley Problem”, a thought experiment in ethics, which pits utilitarianism against deontological ethics. We then bid a fond farewell to one of the major contributors to our Feeding Friendzy segment over the years. We then talk about the Coronavirus, and whether or not it’s something people need to worry about if they’re relatively young and healthy. Biebers involve loud cover music and overly cautious web browser prompts.

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Episode #292 of Drunk Ex-Pastors features our interview with former pastor and current psychedelics apologist Bruce Sanguin. We discuss the healing effects of mushrooms, psilocybin, and LSD, as well as the well-known propaganda and War-on-Drugs rhetoric surrounding these medicines (as Sanguin calls them). Bruce opens up about his own childhood trauma and explains how his guided therapy sessions using psychedelics have brought about true health and healing.

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We begin episode #291 of Drunk Ex-Pastors by explaining how vaginas work to a girl caller (you’re welcome) and we then get berated by another listener for spoiling a film that came out six years ago. We finish taking the Proust Questionnaire, delving into topics like who our real-life heroes are, which historical figures we most relate to (which stumped us both), and what our greatest regret in life has been.

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In DXP #290 we discuss the film I Origins and its implications for our (ongoing) debate about science vs. spirituality (as in, is a purely scientific worldview reductionistic? Is there an afterlife?). We talk a bit about the Netflix series Narcos: Mexico, as well as other media we’ve been consuming lately. We then turn our attention back to the Proust Questionnaire, delving into such topics as our most treasured possessions, our lowest depth of misery, and what we most value in one another (awww, right?).

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DXP #289 begins with a harrowing account of what happens when you (1) go out drinking with a bunch of DXP fans, (2) rent an electric scooter, and (3) attempt to make it back to your hotel unharmed (hint: The answer is surgery. Surgery is what happens.) We debrief about our recent DXP Cruise, after which we resume taking the Proust Questionnaire, answering personal questions about our greatest achievements, our most wished-for talent, as well as what we would most like to change about ourselves.

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In this special episode of Drunk Ex-Pastors we sit down and chat with theologian/musician Dan Koch. Our discussion focuses on our own spiritual deconstruction and the challenges we faced as we let go of many of our prior-held spiritual beliefs. We touch a bit on the relationship of science and faith, as well as on the role that fear plays in spiritual development.

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After finally figuring out how to pronounce the word “psychopathy,” we try to figure out the age-old question of who would last longer in a sudden drought: the well-hydrated person who is always drinking water or the person who rarely drinks water and is used to being dehydrated. We then move on to the Proust Questionnaire where we get through questions 10-16 answering questions such as “What do you most dislike about your appearance?” and “Which living person do you despise the most?” Biebers include unnecessary spellings and conference room/bathroom proximity.

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After some Star Wars banter and a voicemail offering us serious money if we review the film Cats (something we are actually considering because we are whores), we spend the bulk of the episode taking the famous Proust Questionnaire (we only get about 1/3 of the way through it), answering questions like “What is your idea of true happiness?”, “What quality do you most deplore in yourself?”, and “Which living person do you most admire?” Biebers involve popcorn and philistines who don’t even know Greek.

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In this episode of Drunk Ex-Pastors we chat with Dave Warnock, an ex evangelical pastor turned atheist. We discuss the factors that led to his spiritual deconstruction and “apostasy,” as well as how the non-Christians in his life have turned out to be much more Christlike than the believers ever were. Dave was recently diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and has been given only a few years to live. We talk about his “Dying Out Loud” tour, and the effects his mortality have had on his day to day life.

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Episode #284 of DXP begins with a voicemail criticizing us (gasp!) for our poor pronunciation skills, after which another caller explains how big mountains are. We discuss the mechanics of masturbation as well as how far into puberty it should take before a boy figures out how to do it. We discuss the strengths and weaknesses of The Rise of Skywalker, after which we share our biebers (which have to do with turning left and stupid sayings).

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