Drunk Ex-Pastors

In this episode of DXP we hear from an angry Goonies enthusiast, and then we play a TikTok about how to use capitalism to stop police from shooting black people. We discuss the issue of contradictions in the Bible, and then springboard into a discussion of the dubious math that evangelicals employ to justify their support for Israel. We talk about our former church, Calvary Chapel, and then hear from a caller about the Victoria’s Secret model with Down Syndrome. Biebers involve Geico and the olds.   

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We begin this episode with a voicemail from an old friend asking about the long-term effects of believing that Jesus could return at any moment. We discuss the movie about Calvary Chapel that is currently under production, and then hear from another listener asking about whether one needs to be a part of a particular demographic in order to have a valid opinion about them. We introduce the so-called Egg Theory, and then share biebers involving deadlines and TikTok.   

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We begin this episode discussing the idea that “ignorance is bliss,” and then turn our attention to the various attempts of Big Tech to turn us all into human cyborgs (or is it just rich people who get this?). After talking briefly about Biden’s new tax proposal we break down “the slap heard ‘round the world.” Biebers involve Hulu accounts and limiting discourse.  

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