Drunk Ex-Pastors

In DXP #290 we discuss the film I Origins and its implications for our (ongoing) debate about science vs. spirituality (as in, is a purely scientific worldview reductionistic? Is there an afterlife?). We talk a bit about the Netflix series Narcos: Mexico, as well as other media we’ve been consuming lately. We then turn our attention back to the Proust Questionnaire, delving into such topics as our most treasured possessions, our lowest depth of misery, and what we most value in one another (awww, right?).

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DXP #289 begins with a harrowing account of what happens when you (1) go out drinking with a bunch of DXP fans, (2) rent an electric scooter, and (3) attempt to make it back to your hotel unharmed (hint: The answer is surgery. Surgery is what happens.) We debrief about our recent DXP Cruise, after which we resume taking the Proust Questionnaire, answering personal questions about our greatest achievements, our most wished-for talent, as well as what we would most like to change about ourselves.

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In this special episode of Drunk Ex-Pastors we sit down and chat with theologian/musician Dan Koch. Our discussion focuses on our own spiritual deconstruction and the challenges we faced as we let go of many of our prior-held spiritual beliefs. We touch a bit on the relationship of science and faith, as well as on the role that fear plays in spiritual development.

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