Drunk Ex-Pastors

In this episode of DXP we reminisce a bit about our favorite music from the ‘00s, and Christian floats a theory about Stones vs. Beatles fans. We then disagree pretty strongly about the best path forward for this country (as in, is refusing to vote for Biden a self-destructive idea?). We hear a caller’s thoughts on the possible cause of Jason’s pessimism, after which we discuss Bill Maher’s recent China-shaming. Biebers involve autocorrect, Zoom meetings, and passive aggressive Facebook posts.   

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In this episode of Drunk Ex-Pastors we debrief a bit about how we’re holding up under quarantine, and do our best to climb inside the minds of those who are protesting the social distancing mandate under the guise of being some freedom fighter (as though Paul Revere and Patrick Henry had NO idea what tyranny and oppression were really like). We spend a while discussing the issue of Artificial General Intelligence, which leads to topics like the hard problem of consciousness, scientific materialism, and how hot the robots in Ex Machina were. Biebers involve basic etiquette and Q&A sessions.  

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In this episode of DXP we debrief about the joys and struggles of quarantining (hint: One of us likes it more than the other). We spend some time answering a caller’s challenge to us about why we mock conservatives from the South, the answer to which should be obvious: Because it’s fun and super easy. We discuss the issue of sexual assault on Survivor and the intricacies of the MeToo movement, after which we share our biebers involving coat hangers and ear buds.  

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In this episode of DXP we debrief once again about our respective experience of social distancing, and it turns out we love it. We spend some time discussing the refusal on the part of many (virtually all conservatives) to self-quarantine, and break down the reasons and pathology behind such dismissal of authority (and it turns out that, according to us at least, this is mostly a unique American posture). Biebers involve Amazon reviews and iPhones.

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