Drunk Ex-Pastors

We kick off this episode of Drunk Ex-Pastors by discussing the films of Baz Luhrmann (and the new Elvis one in particular). We look back on the hilarious Jeffrey Toobin masturbatory episode, and then discuss the issue of “Rapture Anxiety,” wondering aloud how bad we should feel for people who believe in stupid shit without evidence. We coin a term for a new segment, “Pastor Jack’s Off,” during which we listen to and make fun of Pastor Jack Hibbs. Biebers involve award shows and Hollywood nepotism?

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We begin this episode of DXP with a discussion of weight loss and its impact on life’s most important activities (like tying shoes). We update everyone on the progress of Moist January, and then hear from a caller about the prospect of death. We play a voicemail questioning a common atheist argument against Christianity, and then spend a fair bit of time getting frustrated with Pastor Jack Hibbs. Biebers involve shaving sensitive areas and deboarding airplanes.

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This episode begins with what can only be described as a bone-chilling voicemail from a redhead. We then discuss the new year, the recent Paul McCartney documentary, and how olden-times people knew what they looked like. We discuss where all the occultists have gone, and then share biebers involving packing tape and the NYT Wordle.

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