Drunk Ex-Pastors

We begin this episode with a brief discussion about the new Beatles documentary, Get Back, and then hear a hilarious story from a patron about how our podcast led to a meeting with his work’s HR department. After watching a clip of the new Kid Rock video we discuss Bill Maher’s contrast of Greta Thunberg and Kylie Jenner. We then turn our attention to the verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and discuss the merits of the “self-defense” defense. Biebers involve toilets and shaving.

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In this episode of DXP we discuss whether the film Groundhog Day is in fact a classic, which leads us into a discussion of the black cowboys in the new movie The Harder They Fall and whether we can really trust historians. Speaking of mistrust, we break down some details of the case against Kyle Rittenhouse, and then turn our attention to Christian’s hatred of Mexico. We hear from a disillusioned listener who wonders whether there’s any hope for the have-nots (we lovingly explain to him that no, there is not). Biebers involve Facebook Marketplace and the entire fabric of our society.

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We begin this episode with some possible insight into why people freak the F out on airplanes, after which we learn some valuable tips on how to be a bad parent by some guy who, statistically speaking, probably beats his wife. We consider the Satanic Temple’s recent foray into the culture war, and then discuss the so-called “Greek System” (which is mostly about being a total piece of shit). Oh, and Elon Musk again. Biebers involve abbreviations and Instagram reels.

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In this special episode of Drunk Ex-Pastors we chat with well-known author, speaker, and former architect and leader of the Christian Right, Frank Schaeffer. We discuss his recent book, “Fall in Love, Have Children, Stay Put, Save the Planet, Be Happy”, which urges readers to rethink their understanding of Darwin’s principle of “survival of the fittest” (turns out, “fitness” may have more to do with compassion and empathy than strength and domination). A thoroughly delightful conversation with a man whose impact on us is significant, to say the least.

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