Drunk Ex-Pastors

We begin this episode by tackling that age-old question of whether “salt” is a legitimate flavor or not (we applied our laser-like reasoning to “vanilla” a few weeks ago as you’ll recall). We revisit the topic of polygamy, and then hear from a caller about how to solve Jason’s streaming frustrations. Christian claims to solve abortion, and then we answer another caller’s question about heartbreak over past break-ups. Biebers involve masks outdoors and that thing that put Chicago on the map.

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We begin this episode of DXP with some talk about Christian’s stroke, and then naturally segue into a discussion of off-the-rack spandex jeans. Netflix’s Away leads to the topic of what we would be willing to die for, and then Jason tells a casino story about what he is definitely NOT willing to die for. We hear from a caller about proper dog training, and then launch into a discussion about polygamy and polyamory. We play a voicemail about cancel culture, and then share biebers involving form fields and streaming.

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We begin this episode of DXP, surprise surprise, by talking about TikTok. We then hear from a listener about how difficult it can be doing customer service for Dominos Pizza, especially when the customer in question is a grumpy podcaster. We hear about Christian’s new cat, and Jason shares his thoughts after watching Forrest Gump with his daughter for the first time. We hear from a caller with questions about just how “squeaky clean” we used to be, and then share biebers about ageing parents and cooking sausages.

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One of us had a rough week, which we break down at the top of DXP #343 (and during the discussion we come up with a way to punish appliance companies for charging too much for their shit). A caller wonders aloud what an intimate encounter (ahem) between the two of us might look like, after which we discuss the thorny issue of deepfake videos. We turn our attention to the controversy surround rapper Lil Nas X, which leads to a broader discussion about the N-word. Biebers involve (literal, not metaphorical) small potatoes and the idiocy of Washington’s street names.

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