Drunk Ex-Pastors

We spend the first half of this episode of Drunk Ex-Pastors discussing two controversial topics: We wrap up our conversation about whether refusing to date a trans person constitutes transphobia, and then discuss the disparity in pay between male and female professional athletes. We then briefly talk about controversial rapper Tekashi 6ix 9ine, after which we explore the issue of Gen-Z’s unorthodox career goals. We play a few voicemails in our “Stories from Church” segment, and then share biebers involving cloud-based storage and plain old vanilla.

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We begin DXP #341 touching on topics like social media, comedians, and weed. We then turn our attention to the topic of mindfulness and being present in each moment (one of us is reading Eckhart Tolle, can you tell?). We hear from a listener with some thoughts on our open-mindedness, and then we tackle the question of whether not wanting to date a trans person is in fact transphobia. We talk a bit about the Atlanta shootings, and we then share biebers involving bite-sized food and doorknobs.

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Episode #340 of Drunk Ex-Pastors begins with a discussion of Hulu’s new documentary series, Hip Hop Uncovered. We foray a bit into politics — we talk about ridiculously hot sex-symbol Ted Cruz, and his not-embarrassing-at-all speech at CPAC a couple weeks ago, and then speculate about whether Bernie is as pleased with the COVID stimulus bill as he claims to be on social media. We hear from a caller asking about sex-quotas within marriage, and then share biebers involving hyperlinks and painting.

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DXP #339 begins with a discussion of men’s shorts which made us both slightly uncomfortable. We then think back on what we wanted to do for a career when we were in high school, after which we learn that one of us had an MRI this past week (one guess who). We mock Oklahoma for some reason, and then hear some voicemails about church vs. state and the mass exodus from Christianity. We explore the topics of mindfulness and meditation, and then share biebers involving credit scores and body-shaming.

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We begin this episode of DXP by discussing why Jimmy Carter was the “rock ‘n’ roll president,” after which we talk about whether Jason really likes hip hop or not. The topic of ageing comes up (as it is wont to do), and we then turn our attention to whether the CPAC event was a Nazi rally in disguise. We address the gender of a plastic potato, and then Christian forces Jason to watch some TikToks in a desperate effort to convert him. Biebers involve temp checks and Starbucks.

Here are the 5 TikToks Jason watched:








Coffee shop





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