Drunk Ex-Pastors

We begin this episode of DXP by revisiting the topic of the inevitability of death (but not inconsequential deaths, deaths that actually matter). We then choose the meanest, drunkest, and funniest voicemails we have received over the past few months and turn the tables by calling these listeners live on the air. We discuss the therapeutic use of psychedelics, which leads to the issue of how much mistrust of traditional western medicine is appropriate. Biebers involve verbiage and stop sign etiquette.

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In this episode of Drunk Ex-Pastors we play a listener’s voicemail about death, which leads us into a discussion about so-called “Optimistic Nihilism,” a view that says that we can still find beauty in the world despite everything being pointless and destined to ruin. We then turn our attention to a recent study suggesting that people living in red states have worse—and significantly shorter—lives than their blue-state-dwelling superiors. Biebers involve search engines and fatty nuts.

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DXP #281 begins with a voicemail from an old friend, after which we give an update about whether both of us will actually be on our upcoming cruise. We debate about which ‘80s films are the most iconic, and then weigh in a bit on the new (and controversial) Peloton ad. After discussing the 2020 election we muse a bit on the topic of mortality and death, and then talk about which animals are OK to eat, if any. Biebers involve towels and gunshots.

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In this episode of DXP Jason selflessly volunteers to do the drinking for both himself and Christian (we’ll let you decide if this was a good idea or not). Jason gives Christian his birthday present, and then we get a brief stroke update. We discuss the conservative pathology that always needs an enemy to fight against, then we debate about just how pessimistic we should be about the world. We address some listeners’ questions about veganism, after which we share our biebers about annoying containers.

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