Drunk Ex-Pastors

We begin this episode of DXP by freaking out about how young we apparently still look (who knew?). We then recount some strange night terrors, after which we dive into the whole Russia/Ukraine debacle, tackling issues like whether media outlets that are funded by corporations with a vested interest in the outcome of a particular story can be trusted to be objective in their reporting about that story (hint, they can’t). Biebers involve door hangers and extortive ink companies.

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In this episode of Drunk Ex-Pastors we spend some time discussing recent Superbowl Halftime show, breaking down why white Boomers are so scandalized by what they saw (cough*racists*cough. We talk about the way COVID has transformed the way we work (and the way we think about work), which leads into a conversation about the balance between busy-ness and idleness. Biebers involve masks and online ordering.

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In this episode of Drunk Ex-Pastors we begin by discussing a documentary about some couple who stole a painting worth $100 million (why can’t we pull off something cool like that?), and then firm up our pledge to spend 10 minutes in meditation every day for a month. We discuss method acting and the cast of HBO’s Succession, and then reflect on the film Old Henry, asking ourselves whether anyone is worth rooting for if we knew everything about them. Biebers involve movie twists and supermarket checkout lanes.

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We take a departure in this episode from politics, current events, and the futile nature of existence and tackle some “get to know you” questions about our dreams and goals, our first jobs, our desert-island films, our best vacations, and what kind of harrowing claustrophobic situation we could endure. Biebers involve cheese and lazy web developers.

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