Drunk Ex-Pastors

DXP #276 begins with more woes about a certain online course, after which we wax semi-serious about our desire to be remembered after we die. We take calls about whether our president is actually mentally handicapped, whether the whole pronoun thing is a bigger deal than we realized, and whether God could have just created us already in heaven in order to skip all the hassle. We revisit the issue of rising tides, and then make another unannounced call to a random listener.

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DXP #275 begins with a voicemail arguing that “America the Beautiful” actually has a point. We then revisit the topics of alien life and the nature of reality itself, bringing recent books and documentaries to bear on the discussion. We call a butt-dialer, and then turn the conversation to The Great Hack and the issue of digital data mining. We take a call about using Venmo to get more tips, and then listen to Ben Shapiro threaten to kill people. Biebers involve spelling and online courses.

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In this episode of DXP we hear some more valet woes and then listen to all the reasons why traveling through America is a big waste of time. We discuss a recent documentary about Robert Lazar and his claim to have reverse-engineered a flying saucer at Area 51, which leads to a conversation about science and so-called paranormal phenomena. We do our first-ever live interview with a lucky patron, and then share our biebers involving boarding planes and hyperlinks.

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We begin episode #273 of DXP by recounting the events that led one of us to be whisked away from a concert in Seattle to the hospital in an ambulance. We then share a couple voicemails demonstrating how speaking in tongues works, after which we discuss racism against Asians. We pose a question to the scientific community that they have clearly never thought to consider, we discuss the recent impeachment proceedings, and then share our biebers involving courtesy and talking outside.

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