Drunk Ex-Pastors

We begin this episode of Drunk Ex-Pastors talking about how weirdly enigmatic Jim Carrey has become. We talk about Christmas gifts and snowmobiling (which is a thing people do for some reason that Jason cannot fathom). We discuss the second season of The White Lotus, and then spend the remainder of the show listening to and making fun of “Pastor” Jack Hibbs. No biebers this week!

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This episode of DXP begins with a discussion about the new Trump Trading Cards which, although digital and not physical, are still somehow “limited.” We hear from a caller about the film “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” and then are challenged by another caller about 75 year-old boobs. We discuss Accelerationism, and then debate whether it’s okay for a restaurant to refuse service to an evangelical activist group. Biebers involve crap UX and locked-up liquor.

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This episode begins with a discussion of Indonesia’s recent ban on premarital sex (how do you even enforce that?). We continue this thread with a voicemail about the issue of sex before marriage, and we then interact with a TikTok about people no longer being attracted to their partners, and whether one sex handles that criticism better than the other. Biebers involve hygiene routines and overly clever heaters.

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We begin episode #420 by commemorating the number in the most obvious way possible. We attempt to discuss Christian turning 50, and then try to talk about the World Cup for a bit. Jason does his best to explain why we’re pronouncing “Iran” correctly, and then we attempt to address Gen-Z’s itchy trigger finger when it comes to canceling people they disagree with. Biebers involve button-downs and ChapStick.

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