Drunk Ex-Pastors

In this episode of Drunk Ex-Pastors we wonder aloud whether needing to sleep gets in the way of creativity (spoiler alert: turns out sleeping is actually kind of important. Who knew?). We hear from a caller with a very strong opinion about gender reveal parties, and then turn the bulk of our attention to the recent Bo Burnham special, “Inside.” We invite a real-life Gen Z-er, Christian’s daughter Chloe, to weigh in on the effects of the pandemic on people already struggling with depression. Biebers involve Quicken and bitches just slapping people.

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In this episode of Drunk Ex-Pastors we get a much-needed update on Christian’s bidet use (!), and then break down his plan for getting Rachel McAdams to fall in love with him. We play  a few voicemails — we hear from a caller asking about tattoos, from another asking about rock bands that stand the test of time, and from another with the balls to suggest that maybe Jason shouldn’t pay his employees $500 per hour. We then lighten things up by discussing Handmaid’s Tale and Exterminate All the Brutes. Biebers involve dogs-walkers and Hollywood’s lies.

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We’re on a break this week, but thanks to Chris Hamm, we’ve got some oldies but goodies to share with you. We’ll be back next week with a new episode!

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We begin this episode of DXP by disagreeing about how fun roller coasters are, and then theorize about how we would handle obscene wealth. We hear from a caller desperate to convince us that we are wrong about Rush, and then hear a story about being a cat- and puzzle-person at the same time. We share some road rage stories, as well as a really good reason for Christian to own an Apple Watch. Biebers involve litterbugs and technology.

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