Drunk Ex-Pastors

We begin this episode with a voicemail about how it’s supposedly elitist to complain about cleaning ladies, and we then talk a bit about Donald Glover’s show, Atlanta, as well as Jerrod Carmichael’s comedy special, On the Count of 3. We talk stocks a bit, we hear from a longtime patron asking about why evangelical pro-lifers aren’t against IVF, and we then discuss the merits of canceling student debt. Coincidentally, biebers involve brooms and magic.      

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In this episode of Drunk Ex-Pastors we (and one of us in particular) voices significant frustration at the fact that house cleaners insist on touching and moving everything you own. We discuss the looming collapse of the American Empire, and then discuss Roe v. Wade, and specifically whether any of the popular arguments for abortion actually work (and whether that even matters). Biebers involve tuna cans and mouthy restaurant patrons.     

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In this episode of Drunk Ex-Pastors we hear from a listener who calls into question a very common (but apparently meaningless) phrase, after which we hear why Christian should not play the stock market. We weigh in on the potential overturning of Roe V. Wade. We discuss whether there’s a difference between making college free and canceling student debt, and then share biebers involving receipt paper and key fobs.    

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We begin this episode of DXP with an update on the films and TV shows we’ve been watching lately (with a focus on Severance). We discuss Elon Musk’s recent purchase of Twitter, breaking down why everyone is either rejoicing about it or having a complete meltdown. We talk Johnny Depp/Amber Heard, and weigh in on Ron DeSantis’s culture war in Florida (does CRT really teach kids to hate their country? And is that necessarily a bad thing?). Biebers involve hyperlinks and twitch streamers.   

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