Drunk Ex-Pastors

We begin this episode of Drunk Ex-Pastors with a frustrated voicemail about memes, and then discuss the epic collapse of late-stage capitalism aptly called “Texas.” Christian shares his latest thoughts on death, and we challenge one another to list the last three songs we’d like to hear if we knew we would die in 15 minutes. We hear from more listeners about their experiences within American evangelicalism, and then share biebers involving outlet malls and standing in line.  

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After lamenting our worsening eyesight and overall health, we hear a harrowing tale involving vomit and a corpse. We briefly revisit the issue of tipping restaurant workers, and then we springboard from Trump’s acquittal to the issue of cynicism (about which we take a couple voicemails). We then hear from a few callers recounting their weirdest church stories, after which we share biebers involving the weather app and people who just got stabbed.

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In this episode of Drunk Ex-Pastors we display a bit of ‘80s trivia at the top of the show (didn’t ALL 6th graders watch Falcon Crest back then?). We then springboard from a caller’s views on tipping restaurant servers to a lesson on class solidarity (meaning the person making slightly better poverty wages than you is not your enemy). We talk about what we’ve been watching lately, and then discuss the issue of cynicism, its causes, its dangers, and its solution. Christian tries out a new segment on Jason without his knowledge, and then we share biebers involving car tech and slow predators.

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We begin this episode of Drunk Ex-Pastors by hearing about Christian’s recent vacation which, true to form, included a trip to the ER and an emergency surgery. We hear from a listener with some interesting (and horrible) restaurant advice for Jason, and then hear from a frustrated caller with some thoughts on the whole COVID shutdown. We break down (insofar as we are able) the Gamestop/Reddit controversy, and then share biebers involving pain and poor pronunciation.

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