Drunk Ex-Pastors

In this episode of DXP we ponder aloud whether or not the Northern Lights are a mere Instagram filter placed upon reality. We talk briefly about the film Megalopolis, and then tackle the age-old issue of white people adopting black people (which leads to a discussion of race and culture more broadly). We end with “Pastor Jack’s Off” and a bieber involving tortilla chips.

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We kick off this episode of Drunk Ex-Pastors with an update about Jason’s budding stand-up career, and then puzzle over why everyone hates Teslas so much. We revisit the topic of ethical non-monogamy and hear a caller’s views on it, which turns into a discussion of relationships more broadly. “Pastor Jack’s Off” returns, and biebers involve the roast of Tom Brady and making plans over text.

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 In this episode of DXP we discuss the recent verdict regarding the Crumbleys, who were held legally liable for their son’s mass shooting. We talk a bit about comedy, and then hear from a listener about his experience with “ethical non-monogamy.” “Pastor Jack’s Off” returns, where we learn how much God loves white Boomers who can afford to live in southern California. Biebers involve medicine and storytelling in reverse.

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